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Conference Name Arkansas’ Growth in SNAP usage at Direct Marketing Farms

Celise Weems


Across the United States, multiple efforts are underway to enhance awareness of dietary consumption patterns and the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables particularly among low-income consumers. Arkansas has pursued a collection of activities to enhance SNAP usage among direct marketing farmers.

UA Division of Agriculture has collaborated with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) and Human Services and the Arkansas Farmers Market Association (AFMA) to promote opportunities and benefits for vendors and farmers to become a SNAP vendor. Training included accepting Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) transactions and SNAP incentives like Double Up Food Bucks. Double Up Food Bucks matches SNAP dollars spent at farmers markets. SNAP benefit programs have become an annual feature of the statewide farmers market association annual meetings. SNAP/EBT acceptance has been highlighted within the MarketMaker program.

Activities resulted in dramatic increases in the number of farmers becoming approved SNAP vendors and farmers markets accepting and promoting SNAP programs.

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