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Conference Name Blending the business of agriculture with human interest

Emily Adams, Christine Kendle, Heather Neikirk, and Kate Shumaker


The East Ohio Women in Agriculture Conference was developed in 2014 to address the needs of female operators in the region. The 2012 USDA Census reported 19 Ohio counties with 500+ women operators, with ten of these counties located in Eastern Ohio. A total of 242 different women from 30 of Ohio’s 88 counties attended the conference in the past three years with more than 10% of participants attending multiple years.
This presentation will address the impacts of the conference to clientele as well as the benefits of a multi-program area approach in planning and teaching. Three Agriculture & Natural Resources educators and four Family & Consumer Sciences educators have served on the planning team for the conference.
1. Why does this work for us? The planning team believes that cross-functional teams really do work.
2. What are the benefits of the conference? The conference provides a welcoming environment with opportunities to network and learn from peers. Each conference included keynote speakers and breakout session tracks for both women and youth. Topic tracks have included these risk management areas: finance, human resources (food and family/ home and family), production and legal.
3. Why does this work and how can you do the same? Like many states, OSU Extension county educators are encouraged to collaborate for regional programming due to lack of state and regional specialist support.
4. How can this grow into the next phase? The Ohio Women in Ag team as well as the Learning Network complement this program.

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