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Conference Name Capturing and Using Outcome Based Results to Expand Educational Programming

Jason Johnson


Annie’s Project is one of the most visible and successful risk management programs targeting women. This innovative programming was first offered in Texas in 2011 as a result of a RME grant awarded by the Southern Risk Management Education Center. Four months after the training, a post-class evaluation was conducted. The results showed that participants had begun implementing production/price management strategies, utilizing financial management tools and adjusted their role in the operation to become a more valuable partner. Approximately 1,036 individual producer actions resulted from this grant. As a result of the publicity and media coverage of this program, industry partners in Texas solicited a proposal to underwrite the cost of expanding the program throughout the state. The reasons cited for actively seeking out Annie’s Project as a program to fund was largely the result of a shared educational mission and documentation to support effective educational impact. This presentation will focus on strategies that educators can employ to capture substantive outcome-based results from the participants and use that information beyond grant reporting requirements. Examples of evaluation information collected and logical uses of that information to build greater partnerships will be discussed. It is intended that this presentation will appeal to educators beyond the Annie’s Project delivery network. Emphasis will be placed on lessons learned that can be transferred and adopted to any educator aspiring to expand and strengthen their educational programs regardless of target audience.