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Conference Name Cascading Effects of Risk management Education

Joan Quinn


Cascading Effects of Risk Management Education: Joan Quinn, New Mexico
Organic Commodity Commission

The New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission is a state agency providing organic certification, and education and marketing assistance for organic
producers and those wishing to transition to organic. We are now in our third year of risk management education through WRME. Our outreach to organic and transitional producers has changed as we have worked with WRME, partly as a result of applying the results-based analysis of our education activities to all of our work. We have learned that the effects of our Risk Management Education projects typically go beyond the stated objectives of the project (teaching record keeping and marketing techniques to organic
producers); unanticipated "cascading effects" are among the most lasting and beneficial outcomes. This will be the theme of the poster. We will
discuss cascading effects on our agency, including our adoption of results-based analysis. Other examples include newly formed relationships
between transitional fruit producers and researchers who met at an NMOCC workshop on certifying organic, and the linkage we facilitated between an organic CSA looking for a home for its waiting list customers and a farmer
looking for markets.