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Conference Name Cattle Backgrounding Marketing Game

Stacy Hadrick


The Cattle Backgrounding Marketing Game was developed as part of the South Dakota Annie’s Project curriculum. The program was created to help the women better understand what needed to be considered when making decisions about background their calves or selling them in the fall. Many producers do not take an active role in marketing their livestock and often don’t consider all angles before making marketing decisions. This program focuses on discussing the market indicators and takes the participants through a simulated activity of backgrounding calves. The activity has women follow a set marketing plan for the months of October- March that provides them the opportunity to go through the process of marketing livestock by using different tools in a simulated environment. The simulation is based on actual numbers.
This workshop has been utilized in the SASSY (Annie’s Project 2) curriculum in locations throughout South Dakota and has been very successful in stimulating conversation. Utilizing the marketing plan with the game adds another component that helps the women understand how to create and use marketing plans. We have had success in women creating marketing plans for their operations after they participate in the simulation.