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Conference Name Communication and Learning Methods beyond the Classroom

Mary Sobba


The need for new information does not stop at the end of a multi-session class. Class facilitators and instructors identified the need for ongoing information over the past ten years through Annie’s Project classes. Participants (mostly female) were eager for more risk management related information and even disappointed when the class ended. Educators worked together to identify ways to continue the flow of information beyond the end of class. Multiple methods of communication are now being used to meet the needs of that clientele. Information is shared electronically, print form and in person. All Annie’s Project participants are entered into a statewide database that is used for mailing newsletters. The purpose of the newsletter is to share new and timely information. Additional information is shared through a recently updated state Annie’s Project website. Further means of communication is accomplished by email and personal consultations. Sharing useful quality information takes time and effort by educators. The focus is meeting the needs beyond the classroom and the actions taken, during the past ten years. Ideas and plans for future implementation are included. Past participants were asked to share their preferences and needs for ongoing information.