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Conference Name Education for Rural Ag Lenders

Mary Sobba


Extension in Missouri has been providing educational seminars for agricultural lenders for more than thirty years. The purpose of the seminars is to share information on market outlooks, trends, policy, land values, rental rates and current risk management topics. The target audience is lenders who are maintaining or developing an agriculture loan portfolio. The past two years have been challenging for production agriculture, in Missouri, due to prices and weather related issues. The need for education continues as experienced lenders retire; new lenders are hired, some with minimal agricultural background production knowledge and experience. The seminars are a program of the University of Missouri Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics and delivered by state extension ag economists, FAPRI ag economists, regional ag business specialists and invited guest presenters. This past year there were thirteen seminars throughout Missouri. All participants receive a Missouri Farm Financial Outlook book, which contains articles written by state and regional extension faculty. The book contains outlook information, management issues and budgets for the upcoming year. The budgets include grain crops, hay and forages, cattle and small ruminants. The seminars provide participants the opportunity for professional development and networking with presenters and peers. The goal of the seminars is to provide lenders with timely information, tools and resources to help their clients in making informed decisions to improve the financial health of the farm and ranch businesses.