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Conference Name Long Term Results for Established Program

Mary Sobba


Annie’s Project classes were first offered in Missouri in the fall of 2004. Since then, ninety classes have been offered throughout the state with over one thousand participants. The participants were mostly women farmers and landowners. Participants ranged in age from sixteen to eighty-two. The participants were from a variety of farming operations including full time farming, small niche operations, off-farm jobs and landowners. All classes used evaluation tools at the end of class to gather short-term learning and class participation data. There has been a need to determine long term impact. The emphasis statewide and in many other states encourages showing long term impacts from programs to determine behavioral changes. The Missouri Annie’s Project state coordinators worked together and with suggestions and advice of state specialists designed an evaluation tool to send to past participants. The evaluation was distributed via U.S. mail. The evaluation was sent to three participants of each class (2004-2017), for a total of two hundred seventy. Those who responded sent responses via U.S. mail. A few of the items on the survey included: actions taken, changes in farm role, curriculum importance, networks formed and changes in confidence, leadership and estimation of impact finances of farm.. Some of the response data was expected and other data was very unexpected. Some details and summaries of the data will be shared on this poster.