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Conference Name Creating Thriving Farms – Tools you Can Use with Farmers, Professionals and Communities

Maria Pippidis


Watch the video of this webinar here: https://agrisk.umn.edu/Library/Record/creating_thriving_farms_tools_you_can_use_wit

Farm and farm family stress, more accurately, distress, is brought on by pressures experienced by the farming population, farming systems and the farm as a business. Stress is a response to change in either, or both, internal and external conditions. It is a response to environmental demands and changes within an individual, family or farm or outside in economic, social, environmental, policy or physical environments. Stress becomes distress when there is a pile-up of stressors that can overwhelm the ability to process without some negative impact. How individuals, families and farm operations manage stress and change can impact their wellbeing at each of those levels.
Extension professionals have supported farming operations by providing risk management and stress management programming. Resiliency literature shows that helping individuals and farm families build skills regarding organization, social connectedness, problem solving, communication, adaptability and having a strong belief systems can assist them in adjusting effectively when change disrupts functioning. In addition, resiliency frameworks put the farm or farm family within the context of community and acknowledge that it takes resources and capacity from outside the farm and farm family to assist in creating thriving farms.
This session will introduce participants to the Farm and Farm Family Risk and Resiliency framework, associated logic models that integrate risk management and resilience outcomes and provide sample tools participants can use with farm audiences as well as the professionals and stakeholders that help to support farming audiences.