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Dwight Aakre


Crop Compare is an Excel spreadsheet we developed to assist producers in determining their crop mix for 2007. North Dakota producers typically will plant numerous crops each year, often times a half dozen or more. Also over the last several years acreages of crops such as corn and soybeans have expanded into areas of the state that have traditionly been small grain areas. The changing crop mix combined with the demand for corn for ethanol has led many producers on the fringe area of corn production to consider corn for the first time.

The crop compare spreadsheet is designed to calculate the break-even cash price for various crops that would result in equal return over variable costs as the crop selected as the base crop. A user can select either corn, wheat or soybeans as the base crop. This spreadsheet is set up for nine different regions with the yields and costs appropriate for each region. All yields, input costs and the price for the selected base crop are user inputs. This spreadsheet has been very popular among producers this winter.

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