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Conference Name Ag Lease 101 Farm Leasing Educational Site

Dale Nordquist and Dwight Aakre


Farm lease arrangements have been an important topic for Extension educators for many years. In the 1950s the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee (NCFMEC) created a series of regional publications to help farm tenants and landowners develop more equitable and efficient lease contracts. With the support of the North Central Risk Management Education Center, the current members of the NCFMEC have developed substantially revised versions of these bulletins and lease forms for cash, crop share and pasture leases. Descriptions and examples of risk sharing alternatives such as flexible cash rents were incorporated. File copies of these publications were distributed to all county Extension offices in the North Central Region. Currently the materials are being extended to include leasing considerations for buildings, farm machinery, and breeding livestock. All publications have been posted on the AgLease101 (http://aglease101.org/) website for free download. Additional educational materials available on the website include a set of frequently asked questions, a short video about five things every lease should include, worksheets and examples for pasture leases, slide presentations about leasing considerations, meeting evaluation forms, and a 45-minutes archived video of a webinar presented to extension educators. Information is also available on Facebook and Twitter accounts. The website has had 5,357 unique visitors and 27,623 page views in the past 12 months. The primary audience for this project is Extension educators, and the 2013 Extension Risk Management Education National Conference would be an ideal venue for informing more educators about this valuable resource.