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Conference Name Crop Marketing Online Course

Ed Kordick and Steven Johnson


The Crop Marketing Online Course was created as a non-credit professional course developed by Iowa Farm Bureau and Iowa State University Extension & Outreach. The Brenton Center for Agricultural Instruction & Technology Transfer at ISU cooperated with content developers to design a self-paced course that includes video presentations, presentation materials, content text, learning activities and randomly generated quizzes. The quizzes act as a gateway that must be completed successfully for participants to complete sections of the course.

The objective is to make basic crop marketing education available 24/7 in the comfort of the farmer's home or office. What was once exclusively taught in face-to-face meetings and a workbook is now available for learn and available from anywhere in the world.

Participants explore the topics of price movements, contracts, basis movements, option values, creating a successful marketing plan and more. A special emphasis is given to comprehensive planning and risk management.

Launched in the fall of 2018 and now in the second year, participants can progress through the course as fast or slow as desired, provided the course content is completed by to March 15. Iowa Farm Bureau offered a scholarship for successful completion of the course by Farm Bureau members as a benefit of membership.

This presentation will give risk management educators an inside look at the content of the online course, ideas on development and participant feedback on results from the first two years the course has been offered..