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Conference Name Cultivating Your Farm's Future: A Workbook for Farm Succession Planning in Wisconsin

Kaitlyn Davis and Joy Kirkpatrick


Cultivating Your Farm’s Future: A workbook for Farm Succession Planning in Wisconsin was developed by University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension, as a companion workbook for participants in Extension’s various programs for farm succession and transition planning. This workbook was designed to be useful for service professionals as they facilitate conversations around farm succession planning with their clients. The workbook provides worksheets and checklists to help farm members and families through a three-step process: Where is the farm now? Where do you want to be? And how do you get there? The workbook content was based on information gleaned from the 2017 farm succession focus groups. Both efforts were funded by a North Central Extension Risk Management Education grant. There were 50 workbooks distributed at the October 2019 Wisconsin Farm Succession Professional Development Network meetings (WiFSPN). Ten workbooks were provided to farm families who participated in farm succession workshops held at the beginning of 2020. Approximately a year later, an evaluation was conducted to learn if and how the workbook was used by ag service professionals and farm families. This evaluation data will be used to inform the second edition of the workbook. The second edition will be made available for download from a UW-Madison Division of Extension website. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic during 2020, a series of short of videos was created to assist farm families on how to use individual worksheets from the workbook. Articles were developed as companions to the video series.