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Conference Name Delivering Risk Management Education Electronically

Willie Huot


North Dakota’s low population density and distance between larger communities makes distance-learning opportunities a desirable alternative for many residents. The state also has an interactive television network capable of reaching audiences in nearly every community with a K – 12 educational systems. The population distribution, combined with the interactive television infrastructure, makes distance learning education well suited for many communities throughout the state.

Utilizing this technology has been vital in the delivery of risk management education. Since January 2006, over 875 farm/ ranch women have participated in Annie’s project in 32 communities throughout the state.

The state project coordinator works closely with extension field staff, specialists and network administrators to schedule and deliver parts of the sessions electronically. Local experts are identified at each location to present information supporting/supplementing the specialists’ presentations. All sessions focus on agricultural risks.

The success with Annie’s Project lead to the implementation of two Women In Ag conferences conducted in March 2009, with two more scheduled for March 2010. These conferences focus on key topics of risk management education identified by Annie’s Project participants. Overall evaluations from participants of these educational programs rank 4.7 on a scale of 5 (highest) to 1 (lowest) with most indicating they plan to become more involved in the business of their operations as a result of these sessions.

This technology, combined with the development and maintenance of a dedicated website:
http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/anniesproject/ has been vital to the planning and implementation of both Annie’s Project and the Women In Ag conferences.