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Conference Name Developing Learning Communities Using a Case Study Model

Stacy Hadrick


Equipping beginning farmers and ranchers to navigate the current business environment South Dakota State University (SDSU) created a holistic educational program, The intention was to provide an integrated and adaptive problem-solving approach to managing complex systems. One of the key success pieces was developing the educational workshops around established livestock case studies. The two different livestock production methods modeled were; seedstock and retained ownership to slaughter. that focused on different production models. The curriculum covered all five risk management areas but was complemented by tours of each case study operation. The case study livestock producers also interacted with the beginning producers during a question and answer session allowing participants to ask direct questions about all aspects of the established businesses. This interaction broke down the barriers between established livestock producers and beginning farmers and ranchers and has resulted in valued relationships. The beginning farmers and ranchers have utilized the established producers to help develop their businesses and create more networks to make positive, life changing business decisions.

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