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Conference Name Ensuring Project Preparedness After an Emergency

Alexandra Gregory, Gladys González, and Sally González


Since 2017, farmers and ranchers in Puerto Rico have suffered many losses due to many local, national and world emergencies such as the landfall of hurricanes, earthquakes, pandemic, droughts, and flooding. The project titled "Risk Management and Emergency Preparedness in Puerto Rico, Phase II" aims to provide nonformal education in accounting and financial skills to farmers and ranchers, with the goal of helping them maintain up-to-date accounting records and be prepared for emergencies. Topics included preparing income statements, cash flow, inventory, balance sheets, financial score card, introduction to Microsoft Excel and the accounting and financial system for farms. In 2022, the impact of Hurricane Fiona led to the postponement of the project's educational program for six weeks due to disruptions in the power grid and water accessibility. From this and previous experiences, this presentation aims to share the experiences and lessons learned from the project, particularly in adapting and utilizing funds to provide more technical assistance to farmers and ranchers. It emphasizes the importance of being prepared before and after emergencies to ensure the continuity of projects and the achievement of goals. The presentation will cover how project staff assisted farmers and ranchers in applying for emergency funds and preparing tools to facilitate their participation in USDA disaster programs. This is a crucial aspect of the project's objectives, as it demonstrates a practical approach to helping the agricultural community in Puerto Rico cope with emergencies and access the necessary resources.