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Conference Name Enterprising Rural Families – Starting Family Enterprise Managers on the Road to Success

John P. Hewlett


Enterprising Rural Families is a course designed to assist families manage their rural enterprises for success. It was conceived by Extension educators in Wyoming working with collaborators in Queensland Australia and British Columbia Canada. A robust, visual model describes the interlinking and overlap of individual, family, business, and community systems surrounding and shaping the rural family enterprise at its core.

Originally developed as an online course with supporting electronic monthly newsletter, the team is more recently developing CD-based modules for distribution and presentation in other venues. Strategic Management focuses on assisting families define and achieve the success they desire. Course topics cover an introduction to the family business, the ERF model, family business roles, family life cycles and change, strategic planning and goal setting, visioning, drafting a mission statement, setting strategic goals, and an overview of the planning process.

The Resource Inventory course is designed to aid in resource identification and assessment. Topics in this course include: the ERF model, an introduction to resource inventorying, inventorying individual systems, inventory of family systems, inventory of business systems, and inventory of community capitals.

Enterprising Rural Families provides hands-on solutions to issues faced by rural enterprise managers everywhere. These two, new courses offer useful and relevant risk management information to family businesses.