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Conference Name Extension Education and Outreach through Online Courses

Rodney Jones and Brent Ladd


Looking up information on a smartphone is a common way of finding answers to questions. Producers have similar behavior, seeking information online. Our Extension service is responding by optimizing legacy material for smartphones. One continuation of this effort is a system-wide focus on online courses. Online courses allow for education and outreach when resources are constrained, while providing a greater reach. Anyone with a smartphone and internet access can utilize resources and education when desired. As a response to Extension leadership and priorities, there is a college wide push to create online courses for Educators. Current efforts also include paid continuing education courses. Eventually, courses will be developed for producers. In order to optimize these efforts, an online curriculum development specialist was hired as well as an evaluation specialist. This poster will discuss the process used in creating courses as well as the courses that have been developed for online Extension outreach.