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Conference Name Preparation for and Responses to Farm Financial Stress

Damona Doye, Rodney Jones, and Brent Ladd


In a time when producers are facing increased financial stress, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) is addressing producer’s needs for knowledge and information to help them navigate financial challenges. This presentation will reveal the steps being taken to meet those producer needs. Efforts include using existing programs and platforms such as Adobe sessions/webinars for Extension educators, our annual Rural Economic Outlook Conference, Annie’s Project programming, our Statewide Conference for Women in Agriculture, Master Cattleman classes, and Intensive Financial Management and Planning Support (IFMAPS) individual assistance for producers. In addition, we are increasing the awareness of our informational resources such as rental rate survey results and agricultural land values website through increased use of social media and electronic newsletters.

A new initiative is development of an online comprehensive library of farm financial management information and tools, including an approved FSA online borrower training course. The discussion will cover the steps which we have already completed to ”roll out” this extensive program and our future plans. The online format makes this material easily accessible to producers needing to complete borrower training, or anyone who wants convenient access to farm management information and tools. Our goal is to continue to increase the scope of educational resources available to go beyond basic financial and production management topics.