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Conference Name Helping Landlords Find the Right Tenant

Damona Doye and Brent Ladd


Finding the right tenant is an important step when leasing land. This presentation will describe a process to help effectively screen potential tenants. Aspects of the process include:
• Understanding the land´s potential and constraints.
• Clarifying what land owners hope to achieve with their land, identifying goals the owner has for the land, and setting goals for the lease.
• Determining the required skills, qualifications, and attributes sought in potential tenants.
• Advertising in the screening process.
• Searching for possible legal issues involving tenants and their previous landlords.
• Conducting interviews with potential tenants and pertinent questions to assist land owners in evaluating potential tenants.
• Contacting references provided by potential tenants.
An OSU fact sheet on this topic is available at osufacts.okstate.edu. Additional leasing resources are available from Aglease.org (http://aglease101.org) including lease forms, worksheets to calculate costs and contributions needed for lease agreements, and more general publications.