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Conference Name Farm and Timber Tax Eduction Programming and Available Resources

Adam Kantrovich, J.C. Hobbs, and Ruby Ward


Farm and landowner tax management is an integral part of farm financial management, succession, transition, and estate planning, and can play a role in capital investment. It is essential that farmers and land owners know enough about taxes to correctly record their accounting transactions, provide the correct information to their tax professionals to file their taxes. 

This presentation will discuss examples of the types of tax education programming for farmers, landowners, tax professionals and others that are taking place around the country. 

Farm and land owner tax education is taking place around the country as well as general income tax education through various collaborative groups, including the Land Grant Tax Education Foundation (LGUTEF), the National Farm Income Tax Extension Committee, and Ruraltax.org. Individuals associated primarily with Land Grant Universities around the country are available that work directly with farms, land owners, tax and legal professionals. Programming is also taking place that crosses state lines in various capacities. There are a number of resources that are already available through Ruraltax.org, LGUTEF, and through individuals to assist in providing the necessary information to each state and territory's outreach programming efforts. 

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