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Conference Name Flexible Approaches to Annie's Project and Women in Ag Programming

Charlotte Maxwell


The pandemic that began to change our normal in 2020 has created an opportunity to evaluate and reinvigorate our programming geared towards women. Clemson Cooperative Extension has been working on our SC Women's Agricultural Network (SC WAgN) and meeting the needs of women across the state. 

Annie's Project is one of the programs under SC WAgN that has adopted a flexible approach to meet needs. National Annie's Project began to support online offerings in late 2020. 

South Carolina offered our first online Annie's in May 2021. We had 15 women participate in six online sessions over three weeks. Participants and speakers met live over Zoom with additional resources and assignments posted on the university's Canvas platform. The immediate evaluations of the online program were positive with all participants showing an increase in knowledge in each area and working on risk mitigation strategies. By the time this conference is held, we will have seven-month post-program evaluation results.

In January 2022, we will be holding our first hybrid Annie's Project in South Carolina. By the time of this conference in March, we will have evaluation summaries, reflections, and lessons learned on holding Annie's Project in a hybrid format. 

I plan to include the following in my presentation: delivery strategies, lessons learned, needs that were identified and how we are addressing them, and future plans for staying flexible in a post-pandemic environment.

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