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Conference Name Flexible Cash Lease Provisions: Profits and Protection

Tim Lemmons and Jim Jansen


The topic of this session is an exploration into the risk management and revenue potential of cash rent based flexible lease provisions. Specifically, flexible leasing arrangements are those designed to improve the income potential of cash rental agreements for landowners during years where farm performance is better than expected, and decrease the rental payments due from tenants during years where farm performance is less than expected. The performance of the farm is subject to any number of possible variables and correlates. Examples include yield, cash price at a given point in time, cash price seasonal average, basis at a given point of time, basis movements on a seasonal average, futures prices, adjusted cash, farm revenue, county/state yield, income or revenue averages, national prices, etc. Other correlates might include the price of oil or other fossil fuels, fertilizers, cattle, hogs, gold, securities, bond prices, etc. This session will demonstrate how flex leases are being used by producers in Nebraska, different approaches and rationales behind selection, and discussion on the past and emergent challenges to implementation. Participants will gain appreciation for the power behind these tools, as well as the flexibility in their implementation for profit and risk protection. The educational program used in Nebraska to demonstrate the technical aspects of flex leasing has been widely used and accepted by clientele. Over the past four years, it has been presented to over 5,000 workshop participants with encouraging and positive results.