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Conference Name Grain Marketing Plan Smartphone App

Jessica Groskopf and Robert Tigner


Today's farmers manage their operations in a rapidly changing price environment. Although marketing plans are pivotal to an operation’s success and profitability, farmers rarely have written marketing plans. With the continued decline in commodity prices, marketing plans are an even more critical part of farm management and ultimately farm survival.

To assist producers in developing and implementing grain marketing plans, Nebraska Extension has paired traditional grain marketing workshops with the newly released Grain Marketing Plan smartphone application.

The Grain Marketing Plan app is a customizable electronic grain marketing plan with a built in reminder system. Once a farmer has developed a marketing plan, they can input their decisions into their smartphone. When a decision trigger is hit, the farmer will receive a notice encouraging them to take action. The app features a pre-harvest and post-harvest marketing plan and is available for corn, soybeans, and winter wheat.

The app was released in summer 2016 to Nebraska Extension Grain Marketing workshop attendees. Currently, 62 users are registered to the app. An additional 28% of workshop participants indicated that they would use the Grain Marketing Plan app if it was available for Android devices.

Stop by our poster to discuss the effectiveness of the Grain Marketing Plan app in aiding farmers make grain marketing decisions. We will highlight recent improvements made to the app, outline upcoming modifications and discuss how the app can be used by other Extension services.