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Conference Name Hopi Ranching Improvement Program

Trent Teegerstrom and Matthew Livingston


The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Hopi Reservation Office, Extension Specialist and the Hopi Veterinary Services Office teamed up to deliver a series of workshop covering critical risk management topics. These topics included Livestock and Financial Management Records, Beef Quality Assurance, and Herd health programs. The workshops and trainings helped educate Hopi ranchers on how to create and maintain records for use in financial decision making process and other decisions concerning the livestock within their herds. Herd Health and Beef Quality Assurance records were part of the herd management program and records are part of the overall financial and livestock recordkeeping. The audience consisted of livestock producer on the Hopi Indian Reservation in northeastern Arizona. The trainings consisted of eight workshops. As a result of the trainings, participants are now using the financial and livestock recordkeeping tools and they are adopting both a herd health program and beef quality assurance as part of their overall herd management program.