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Conference Name HR Distance Learning Course

David Meisinger


The distance learning course entitled Human Resource Management for Pork Producers was developed and distributed with support from the National Extension Risk Management Program. Some of the chapters of the course include recruiting and selection, employee retention, performance management, worker health and safety, separation and compliance. The course is intended for all pork producers with employees. All but the largest pork production enterprises have had little formal HR training. Even the largest operations have a specialized HR director but they usually have responsibility for a number of people working as HR managers in the field at sattelite operations with almost no background in the subject. This course is a basic primer on the subject with some more-developed parts for the experienced HR Director. Much input was sought during the development of this project. Also the course was tested before many HR groups and individuals. This course joins a number of production related topics in the Pork Checkoff virtual library.

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