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Conference Name Impact of New England Transfer the Farm Program

Robert Parsons


We will present the results a study examining the risk management steps taken by past participants of the New England Transfer the Farm program. We have conducted more than 25 workshops in all 6 New England states for over 1000 participants since 2003. The program included an introductory session and a follow-up session that addressed more advanced issues. Workshops have been highly rated with over 90% of participants satisfied or highly satisfied with the workshops. Participants also showed significant increase in understanding of topics addressed in the workshop. The post-workshop study includes a joint phone and mail survey of our past participants to assess what they have done as a result of attending the workshops. Participants will be asked what actions they have taken regarding their individual family farm business transition and farmland transfer. We will identify steps taken such as family meetings, meeting with extension or other advisors, meeting with lawyer or accountant, and completing a business agreement or updating a will. Results of actions taken will be compared to intended actions as expressed at the workshops and how long it took for the family to achieve each of the major steps. The analysis will also assess the value of farm assets owned farmers who completed transfer steps. The analysis will examine whether transfer steps were more likely initiated by the younger or older generation. The results of the post workshop study will provide evidence of program effectiveness and provide guidance where the program can be modified to achieve more post workshop actions.