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Conference Name Improving Lives Through Women in Ag Outreach in Iowa

Madeline Schultz


We’re increasing the quality of life in Iowa by providing research-based educational programs that expand agricultural businesses, enhance natural resource management, and support the community of women in ag. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is accomplishing this through exciting new curricula, engaging storytelling, innovative research, and gratifying partnerships. In 2015, our team developed four strategic goals to move our women in ag programming forward. Those goals centered on: 1) managing our educational program development to improve the quality of our outreach, 2) enhancing our communications to grow audience connections, 3) building our organizational capacity to meet the emerging needs of women in ag, and 4) managing our financial resources for greater stewardship and public value. Specifically, the team continues to strengthen local multi-session farm management courses for women like Annie’s Project and Women Managing Cattle. We’re reaching out to partner with others such as hosting a water quality tour prior to the Tenth Annual Iowa Women in Agriculture conference. As part of our communications efforts, we developed a Women Impacting the Land recognition program and shared the stories of eight amazing Iowa women. The team brings together county, campus and field staff to collaborate and strategize on state-wide and county-based women in ag programs. We’re striving to maintain a resilient program budget that includes Extension funds, program fees, grants and gifts. This poster demonstrates some of the impacts of our Extension and Outreach work so far, and highlights new activities.