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Conference Name Influence of Audience and Delivery Method on Evaluation Results

Russell Tronstad


Education targeting beginning farmers and ranchers has been conducted that addressed a range of topics from soil health and weed management to business planning and marketing/financial/production risk management. Education was provided in the field as well as in the classroom for both specialty crop and livestock focused audiences. Also, some trainings targeted Native American or general population audiences. Self-reported evaluations were collected from participants on their knowledge levels before and after trainings, items that they plan to implement in their operation within two years, overall value of the trainings to them, and other items. Some participants were also given the opportunity to bid on the amount of monetary compensation it would take for them to leave a training at the beginning of a class that was associated with a series of classes they had already attended. Our proposed presentation will provide a summary of these evaluations on how different audiences (i.e., crop vs. livestock; beginning vs. non-beginning farmer/rancher; location; topic; and Native American vs. general population) rated different styles of trainings (i.e., classroom and in-field) and how participants intended to utilize the information presented in their operations.