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Conference Name Integrated Risk Management Initiative

Brent Gloy, James Mintert, Michael Langemeier, Mike Boehlje, Elizabeth Yeager, Timothy Baker, Benjamin Allen, and Sarah Stutzman


This presentation will provide an overview of risk management programming efforts developed and delivered through the Center for Commercial Agriculture (CCA) in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. The primary focus will be on case studies written to provide detailed, real-world examples of risks faced by agriculture producers. Topics include relationship risks, expanding the farm business, evaluating alternative enterprises, and growing feed inputs for livestock production. The case studies and accompanying video interviews are used to illustrate risks and allow participants to identify ways to strategically manage risks faced by the case farms. A series of short articles on major risk topics as well as tools to identify and manage risks will be developed. This material will enable producers to develop a holistic risk management plan for their own business.

The Integrated Risk Management Initiative was started in 2012 by a dedicated team of faculty and professional staff at Purdue University. In the development and delivery of the Integrated Risk Management Initiative, we capitalize on the long history of farm management work, depth of knowledge from key faculty, and experience developing and delivering customized programs from the successful Center for Food and Agribusiness (CAB) and CCA. The initial development of the materials delivered is supported by the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA). ISA serves a diverse group of grain and livestock producers through funding by the Soybean Checkoff. Agricultural producers who participate in our programs will develop better risk management skills and gain exposure to decision making tools.