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Conference Name Introduction to AgTransitons: The Farm Transition Planning Website

Dale Nordquist


Tens of thousands of producers throughout the country are facing major farm transition issues. Increasing numbers of educators are delivering farm transition planning programs. However, follow-up with individual families is a major challenge. AgTransitions is a new online tool that provides a means for farm and ranch families to develop a written transition plan on the web. Developed by the Center for Farm Financial Management and a team of nationally known educators with extensive knowledge and experience in farm succession planning, AgTransitions is a companion product built on the same framework as the AgPlan business planning tool. It provides users with a built in “curriculum” in the form of an outline for sections that might be included in a plan, tips for each section, web resources, and worksheets. Most importantly, it allows the family members to communicate with reviewers as they develop their plan. AgTransitions is not intended to replace farm succession planning workshops. Rather, rather it provides a means to deliver them more efficiently and to provide ongoing interaction between producers and educators.

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