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Conference Name Keeping the Legacy Alive: Estate and Succession Planning for Farmers and Ranchers” – Go Team!

Ken Hart


“Keeping the Legacy Alive” is a workshop to help farmers and ranchers plan for estate and business succession. The curriculum was designed to be interdisciplinary, addressing a range of elements that are important to complete estate and succession plans. The workshop is held over three days in a one-week period. A final class, including dinner, is held approximately two months later. Participants share successes and obstacles encountered, offering each other support to continue moving forward.

This successful workshop showcases University of Idaho Extension educators working together to meet a critical need for today’s aging and largely rural farm and ranch owner population and younger generation of owners-to-be. Several collaborations make this possible, including a partnership with the Idaho Barley Commission and grant funding from USDA Risk Management Agency. Curriculum and program presentations were created by Extension Educators in the North Central Idaho Area of University of Idaho Extension.

“Keeping the Legacy Alive” provides the opportunity for educators to bring their individual areas of expertise into focus on this subject matter, offering participants hope and solutions to roadblocks which frequently have them stymied. Farmers and ranchers often believe that the main problem facing them is the correct legal document or proper legal language, while issues of communication and actual farm/ranch business structure and performance are the problems that need to be addressed first. This workshop engages farmers, ranchers and their families to work on these important tasks. Curriculum, workshop structure, and evaluations from workshops held to date will be shared.