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Conference Name Keeping the Legacy Alive: What Makes Another Farm Succession Workshop Special

Ken Hart


“Keeping the Legacy Alive” is a workshop series helping farmers and ranchers plan for estate and business succession. Curriculum and program presentations were created by University of Idaho Extension Educators. The curriculum is interdisciplinary, addressing elements that are important to successfully complete and implement estate and succession plans. Two different but related workshops have been developed and presented. The first is “Estate and Succession Planning for Farmers and Ranchers,” which focuses on estate planning basics and introduces succession planning. “Farming Together for a Better Future” is focused on succession planning and helps farm families that are determined to maintain their farm business into the next generation. The workshops are held over three days in a one- or two-week period. A final class includes dinner and is held approximately two months later. Participants share successes and obstacles encountered, offering each other support to continue moving forward at his final meeting. Farmers and ranchers often believe that the main problem facing them is finding the correct legal document or proper legal language. Issues of communication and actual farm and ranch business structure and performance are the concerns that need to be addressed first. “Keeping the Legacy Alive” has helped farmers and ranchers in north central Idaho come to grips with the thorny problems of estate and farm succession planning. The workshop has served over 100 individuals. Participants were evaluated at the conclusion of the workshops using a 1-5 Likert scale with 80 responses. Average response score across categories was 4.7