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Conference Name Lease Workshops Utilizing Technology and Teams

Mary Sobba, Darla Campbell, Karisha Devlin, and Joe Koenen


Farm leases have become more complex as agricultural land has increased in value and many landowners further removed both in experience and geographically from the farm. This has created an environment with more leasing due to the high land values and landowners new to agriculture. The need for risk management education on leasing is growing. The high number of requests for information has been an indicator of the need for education for both land owners and tenants. A team of agriculture business specialists worked together to take a traditional topic, make examples and create an interesting and educational workshop. New technology has been incorporated into the delivery method. The program includes: types of leases, current trends, legal termination, methods of leasing and items to include in a lease. This program was designed to be delivered by a team using a combination of presentations, discussions on-site and written materials. The program has been delivered through distance learning interactive tv network and via Internet (Lync). The participation rate has been much higher than anticipated. Both land owners and tenants have participated to increase their knowledge and understanding about leases. The age group has varied from young farmers to retirement age individuals. An evaluation tool has been used to gather feedback at the conclusion of the program. The feedback has been used to modify the program and delivery.