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Conference Name Livestock Record and Management Tools

Russell Tronstad


An online website with individual producer accounts has been developed to assist ranchers in jointly tracking financial, range, and livestock records. This tool records individual financial transactions, common and unique livestock events (e.g. weaning weights and specific vaccinations), and pasture activities. A powerful feature of this tool is tracking finances to various sub-enterprises (e.g., registered versus commercial cattle, cattle versus sheep, cattle versus grain crops, etc.) that have been customized by the user to fit their operation. For example, hay purchased for cattle can be separated from hay purchased for sheep on the ranch by developing appropriate sub-categories. In addition, animal ID information can be easily retrieved. We are able to retrieve all animals that have been commingled with any given animal by a “single click” and multiple descriptors/numbers (e.g., USAIP tag, written description, and default system numbers) are available for identifying animals. Risk Management Education has been provided on using this tool to not just enhance production efficiencies but to also develop more targeted beef products through specialty beef markets.

A spreadsheet template has also been developed that allows restocking/destocking to occur within the immediate 5-year horizon while returns are calculated for a 20-year horizon. Biological parameters are incorporated so that higher cow fertility leads to keeping fewer replacement heifers to maintain a herd size. This tool helps quantify how supplementation can be a risk reduction tool by minimizing the odds of low fertility due to drought or other events.