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Conference Name Living on the Land Publications and Podcasts

Brian Tuck and Susan Kerr


Extension and agency personnel in the Mid-Columbia area of Oregon and Washington teamed to create a series of educational resources for new and small acreage landowners. The goal was to create high quality, concise and appealing materials with application to a variety of new and small agricultural enterprises. The publications in the “Living on the Land” series are short, use simple language, are easy to read, and include tables and high-quality photos. The first publication, “Pasture and Livestock Essentials”, was developed in 2010, followed by “Winter Livestock Care” and “Managing Manure”. “Attracting Birds of Prey for Rodent Control” and “Spring Pasture Essentials” are in production. OSU Extension and Experiment Station Communications Department personnel suggested turning these publications into podcasts for increased accessibility by the target audience. Consequently, each publication has been divided into three podcast sessions. Since publication, podcasts in the series have been downloaded 13,378 times and the pdfs have been downloaded 1,022 times; viewer are from 12 different countries. Publications in the series have won a variety of competitive national communication awards. The “Living on the Land” series resources can be accessed at http://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog/details.php?search=living+on+the+land