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Conference Name Managing Financial Risk: tools to get you started from RightRisk

Jeffrey E. Tranel, John P. Hewlett, and Rodney L. Sharp


Financial management is a core business skill necessary to the success of every business. Whether they are new to business management, unfamiliar with the methods of conducting and organizing an agricultural business, or have never received the necessary training, many managers of agricultural enterprises lack proficiency in these critical skills. The RightRisk Team has developed a three-part set of materials to address the essential financial management functions.

The first part is an online course entitled Getting on Track: Better Management Through Basic Ag Records to help business managers improve their recordkeeping abilities. The second is a course titled Getting on Track: Better Management Through Basic Financial Statements to help new and smaller rural enterprise managers develop complete financial statements. The third is entitled Getting on Track: Understanding Financial Performance to help evaluate business financial health. Users may access all three online courses by visiting the RightRisk web site at RightRisk.org. Click on products and select one of the Getting on Track courses from the menu of over ten available.

The RightRisk financial management courses were developed by members of the RightRisk Team, specializing in interactive risk-management education products for agricultural producers. Upcoming presentations and more information about RightRisk courses and tools are available at RightRisk.org. Requests for additional information may be emailed to Information@RightRisk.org.