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Conference Name Marketing Risk Education Evolving for Continued Economic Success

Emmy Kiphen


Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s Master Marketer Program debuted in 1996 in response to major changes in American agriculture. Farms were changing into fewer, larger, more capital-intensive operations and thereby, at greater risk from adverse price movements or production shortfalls on one or more crops. In addition, U.S. farm policy was providing less in the way of income support leaving producers more dependent on the marketplace for profits. Those challenges are as acute and the program as relevant as it was a quarter century ago. The Master Marketer Program has trained over 1600 producers in bettering risk management and crop and livestock marketing skills with the uncertainties of markets, the economy, legal issues, weather, and technology. Seeing a need, the course has recently added an online feature option and a human resources segment.

The purpose of this poster is to highlight the newest program elements of the online feature and the human resources segment while also capturing the economic impact covering the application of marketing tools and skills. Participants are surveyed before and after each program session in the areas of financial, legal, marketing, human, and/or production risk. Graduates are also surveyed 2-1/2 years after completion of the Master Marketer course to provide an assessment of changes in marketing behavior. The combined data is used to determine which marketing practices and risk management tools have led to higher price impacts and producer success.