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Conference Name Marketing Risk Management Education for Texas Producers

Stephen H. Amosson


An Industry Review Committee (IRC) consisting of graduates and commodity sponsors of the national award winning Master Marketer Program in Texas recognized the need for continuing educational opportunities in the area of marketing risk management. The IRC identified 12 topics that they felt would be of interest to Texas producers. A producer survey was utilized to prioritize these topics. An Advanced Topic Series (ATS) was developed consisting of one and two-day short courses specifically targeted to marketing/risk management issues identified as critical educational needs by Texas producers. All ATS courses are taught using teaching methods developed in the national award winning Master Marketer Program. Specifically, ATS courses are taught on a highly applied level. Instructors are selected from University faculty and Industry firms.
Ten to twelve courses have been offered annually throughout Texas since 2002. Attendance increased substantially from the initial year of ATS to the second year of ATS offerings. Topics that have been taught include: Developing this Year’s Marketing Plan (commodity specific), Advanced Futures and Options, Advanced Technical Analysis and Pulling the Trigger.
A content-based pre and post-test are administered to participants to measure the knowledge gained from each of the ATS programs. Test results indicate an overall improvement in knowledge gained of nearly 15 percent. Preliminary results of a one-year post participant survey of selected courses indicate a high level of implementation of subject matter taught and an increase in producer returns. Partial funding for ATS has been provided by the Southern Region Risk Management Education Center.