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Conference Name Missouri Livestock Symposium

Karisha Devlin


The Missouri Livestock Symposium is an annual educational program that attracts participants from throughout Missouri and beyond. This program draws a diverse audience of individuals who are interested in learning about risk management practices and production methods (traditional and alternative). The objectives of the Missouri Livestock Symposium are: 1) to provide risk management educational opportunities for livestock producers and landowners representing all species of livestock, forages, and renewable resources; 2) Provide nationally and internationally recognized speakers that our clientele would generally not have access to hear from personally; 3) Provide the latest information on important agricultural issues and research that is practical, applicable, and can be implemented by producers and landowners; 4) Promote the adoption of best management practices that are economically and environmentally beneficial; 5) Provide a social environment where education and information can be shared among landowners and producers; 6) Provide an agriculturally related trade show so producers can learn from industry, government agencies, and businesses that exhibit at the Symposium; 7) Evaluate programs to monitor change that results from Symposium programming. The 2013 Missouri Livestock Symposium drew over 1,600 attendees from 63 Missouri counties and four states. Curricula includes workshops led by nationally known speakers in the areas of horses, beef, sheep, stock dogs, meat goats, forages, bee-keeping, small poultry production, food safety, and farm continuation planning. The Missouri Livestock Symposium features a true multi-disciplinary and cross-agency approach to program planning with a committee consisting of producers, Extension specialists, University researchers and governmental liaisons.