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Conference Name Modified Pesticide Application Training for Minority Farmers

Jack Chang


This presentation is a new educational approach to teaching pesticide application to minority farmers by modifying an existing curriculum with cultural adaptations. Using pesticides safely and appropriately addresses production and food safety risk management concerns for this population. They have had limited access to pesticide application training in the past because of language and/or cultural barriers. The modified curriculum was funded by North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center and piloted in a two-day training located in two Wisconsin counties, Marathon and Dane.

After the modified pesticide application training curriculum was completed, we offered it to the Hmong minority farmers. The training covered pests and pest management principles, pesticide regulations (federal and state), label reading, equipment calibration, mixing and using pesticide safely, and keeping pesticides on target, etc... The post-training evaluation showed that 100% of the participants liked the training and gained a considerable amount of knowledge from it. Seventy percent of attendees said they plan to pursue their state pesticide certification. A week later, one participant called and scheduled to take the state pesticide certification exam.

This modified pesticide application training will help minority farmers reduce chances for crop losses, health risks and save money by reduced spraying. This new approach will be able to be replicated in other states as well as in other areas of Wisconsin.