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Conference Name Moving Forward: Arkansas Women in Agriculture

Carrie Hirmer


Arkansas is home to a large poultry industry, a significant cow-calf and cattle ranching community, a row crop region that sustains amoung the country´s most significant export markets, and a thriving fruit and vegetable, organic and sustainable agriculture community. Diverse is the word, and these diversities present unique challenges to those providing educational efforts directed towards Arkansas´ women in agriculture, who make up approximately 28% of the total number of farmers and ranchers in the state. In 2005 a statewide conference to provide a means of supporting and building networks among those women began. The organizing group then transformed into a nonprofit organization with statewide activities and has created and continues to create new partnerships. The most recent is adoption and training to rollout a statewide Annie´s Project effort. The presentation will discuss the history of the organization, the farming/ranching community in the state, the current Annie´s Project work and will provide discussion of the challenges and opportunities in working with an extremely diverse production environment.