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Conference Name National Educators Network Empowers Local Women´s Networks

Madeline Schultz


This poster session will highlight the impact of educators collaborating with others who are reaching out to farm and ranch women through Annie’s Project. By working together, we can deliver more and better risk management programs.

The vision of the Annie’s National Network Initiative for Educational Success (ANNIES) is to bring financial security and well-being to women in rural communities where food, feed, fiber and fuel production are synonymous with family farms.

To bring this vision to reality; the mission of ANNIES is to cooperate with other educators across the nation to develop and deliver more effective and efficient risk management educational programs; for the purpose of empowering women farmers and ranchers to be better business owners and partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information.

The Iowa State University Research Institute for Studies in Education conducted a survey of Annie’s Project educators in 2011. The results showed 94 percent of the 69 survey respondents contacted educators in the network for advice, curriculum or other assistance. As a result of participation in the network: 75 percent said they delivered a greater number of agricultural risk management programs; 73 percent said they provided higher quality programs; 87 percent said they reached new audiences; and 79 percent said they built new partnerships.