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Conference Name Preventing Injuries--Reducing Risks

Nykole Vance


People who work in agriculture, forestry and fishing (AFF) experience fatality rates 7.5 times higher than other workers, 24.9 compared to 3.3 (BLS, 2014). Non-fatal injury rates for this industry sector are also alarming and include a host of acute and chronic issues. AFF workers are at higher risk for injury due to their exposure to machinery, pesticides and chemicals, repetitive tasks, large animals, fall hazards, weather conditions, heavy lifting, organic dusts, confined spaces, and vibration to name a few. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health provides support for ten Agricultural Safety and Health Centers nationwide. The Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention and Education (SW Ag Center) is located in Tyler, TX and serves Public Health Region 6 through research and outreach to prevent injuries and fatalities among AFF workers and their families. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate three new educational resources developed by the SW Ag Center and describe how these resources can be used to reduce human risks on the job. The resources that will be highlighted include a (1) Testimonial Video Series, (2) Logging/Forestry Tailgate Series and (3) Bites, Stings and Venomous Things tip booklet. Producer stories will be shared that demonstrate how educational programs can improve safety culture, prevent injuries and reduce insurance costs for the operation. All resources are produced through grant funds and are distributed free of charge.

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