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Conference Name RightRisk: Ag Survivor and Strategic Risk Management

Jay Parsons


The RightRisk Education Team has delivered over 150 risk management workshops to agricultural producers over the last five years emphasizing an experiential learning environment using simulation software. The suite of simulation scenarios, entitled Ag Survivor, has grown to include materials involving range management, drought, livestock production, livestock insurance, forage and crop production, crop insurance, marketing alternatives, market risk, financial health, human risk, and legal risk. This presentation will summarize the materials and programs that we have assembled to deliver effective, experiential risk management educational programs.

Our Ag Survivor scenarios are focused on realistic agricultural operations located in the western midsection of the continental U.S. However, we have presented workshops as far west as New Zealand and Hawaii and as far east as Maryland and Massachusetts. We have found our materials to be highly adaptable as long as the workshop focus is on education and the risk management decision making process. To this end, we are formalizing the risk management decision making process into a ten-step program entitled the Strategic Risk Management Process. An overview of that process will be included in the presentation.