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Conference Name Risk Mitigation in Edible Horticultural Production Systems

Carol Bishop, Staci Emm, and Holly Gatzke


While there is no universally accepted definition of produce safety or safe food, the basis of produce safety is ensuring that a healthy, safe product of superior quality reaches the plates of consumers. Produce safety is a component of quality, and management practices that help maintain a quality product will often help in assuring safety. For consumer confidence and to prevent contamination, many producers have adopted a voluntary food-safety program known as good agricultural practices (GAP) and good handling practices (GHP). The Nevada program has had challenges and success in implementing a food safety educational program, despite the highly publicized outbreaks in recent years that have caused foodborne illness. The final rules of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and State of Nevada┬┤s new governmental rules for grow local add additional layers to the Nevada program.