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Conference Name South Dakota Annie´s Project - Meeting the Needs

Stacy Hadrick


Agriculture of today is not your mother´s agriculture. It is a fast paced, technology driven, acronym using, global world that does not slow down for someone to jump in. Women are holding more roles then ever before but still want to be a productive part of their farming and ranching operations. The roles of women in agriculture are challenging and diverse – from business to family. Women are searching for programs that will empower them to ask questions and search for answers and Annie’s project is the perfect program to help women acquire valuable information in the areas of risk management.

The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service recognized the importance of women in agriculture and the need for more in depth information on risk management topics that affect them including financial, production and human resource risks. Using the Annie’s format, sessions were developed that focused on the specific needs of women in western areas. Classes were held in 7 locations throughout South Dakota to allow for more women to engage in the Annie´s project. The classes were open to all women involved in agribusiness and production. Each session was created to fit the needs of the women within each location since agriculture can range from soybean fields to feedlots to thousands of acres of rangelands in South Dakota. The need to develop curriculum that met the demands of our women were challenging, however, rewarding.

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