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Conference Name Southeast Cattle Handling for Women Producers: Advanced BQA Training and Farm Safety

April Shaeffer


The Southeast Women’s Cattle Handling program promoted self-confidence for women in the cattle industry by giving them hands-on educational opportunities and cattle handling skills implementing Beef Quality Assurance methods and promoting farm safety. The workshops provided hands-on learning in the subject areas of Beef Quality Assurance (BQA), Low Stress Animal Handling, Reproduction and Calving Management, Truck & Trailer Assessment and operation and Tractor Safety and operation. The two-day workshops held in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi also included lectures on becoming a leader in the cattle industry with the long term goal of having women feel comfortable with daily farm activities and to actively participate in the beef industry and Extension programs. A total of 97 women attended one of the workshops held throughout the southeast. Those in attendance became BQA certified. Other keys to success of this program was an increase of 16% in pre/post test scores. The average pre-test score was 77% and the post-test 93%. The participants (n=97) estimated an economic benefit of $19.55/head of cattle annually with the skills and knowledge gained from implementing BQA techniques. The overall economic impact for all of the producers with a combined 4,573 head of cattle was $89,402. Combined workshop evaluations on satisfaction on a scale of (1= not satisfied, 2=somewhat satisfied, 3= satisfied and 4=very satisfied. The average scores are reported: Relevance of information to your needs 3.93; Subject matter knowledge of instructors 3.99; and the Overall quality of the training workshop 3.89.