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Conference Name Pasture to Plate. Targeted Programming for Women Across the Local Meat Supply Chain.

Sarah Blacklin and April Shaeffer


The SRMEC funded project, “Integrated Risk Management for Women Producers, Processors, and Retailers in the Local Meat Product Value Chain,” combines small classroom intensives from production to processing for women under the guidance of NC Choices and Amazing Grazing, two vetted NC State University initiatives.

Building off of the Phase I mid-term outcomes presented during the 2015 ERME conference, NC Choices and Amazing Grazing would like to present Phase II outcomes and successful project impacts at the end of the project term. Phase II activities include Amazing Grazing’s Leadership and Cattle Handling for Female Producers including hands-on women-only tractor safety training workshops, pasture management workshops, NC Choices’ Carolina Meat Conference women programming, meat fabrication training, plus additional events such as food blogger events to raise awareness, educational video trainings and dissemination, and the development of pricing spreadsheet tools. Discussion includes successful strategies to increase program visibility, leverage financial support, and coordinate hands-on curriculum to cater to an evolving audience of new and advanced women involved in the meat and livestock industry.

An overview of the activities conducted and a discussion of how successful strategies, including coordination with partners across the niche meat sector and the development of small peer-to-peer learning environments, were implemented to reduce risk, maximize impact, expand participant reach, and raise public awareness around the emerging role women play in the meat and livestock industry will be presented. Photos and examples of resources will be provided as well as time for question and answers.