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Conference Name Southwestern Computer Risk Management Training for RMA Priority Commodities

Trent Teegerstrom


A key objective of this proposal is to augment and continue computer risk management education (RME) for Risk Management Agency (RMA) “priority commodities” that were conducted last year in Arizona. RMA priority commodities and producers that will be addressed in this proposed education include the relatively small cow-calf producers, nursery, forage, vegetable, and other specialty crop producers. This project covers three states in the Southwest and targets the specialty commodities, particularly vegetable and nursery crops. While our education includes hands-on computer training, speakers recognized as experts at the regional and national level for a given topic will be used to address our large conferences and audiences.

Software tailored to local conditions and commodities is key to getting producers interested in our computer risk management tools. We also offer the educational programs close in proximity to their operations and adjust the time of the programs to fit their schedules. Our education program does this by using a mobile computer lab to take computer workshops to the producer communities and by integrating these trainings into conferences that producers already attend. Software and producer inputs are tailored to the county where we deliver hands-on computer risk management training.

We are planning on demonstrating several of the programs we have developed for the grant at the RMA National Conference and allowing others to take copies of the programs home for use in their areas.